“TONKOSA” Campaign” literary meaning “DON’T HURT ME”

as an all-inclusive Campaign that shall steer the drawing of action points and policy alternatives to the frustrating
cases of sexual harassment, and Gang rape of young women in the Rural – Urban
communities of Katabi Town council.

Young women in the area have sharply felt the pitch of the COVID-19 Pandemic; they are exposed to sexual abuse due to increased idle communities, drug abuse, poverty, predatory landlords, social distress, and low economic


YWC is empowering women improves the livelihoods of communities as they use the income from mushroom sales to reinvest in the business, improve family homes and pay children’s school fees.

Mushroom growing at small scale can provide both crucial nutrition and a valuable source of income.

For example, working with the women in Bunono, the project has them to school fees through mushroom farming, as
well as providing both food and skills training for its children.